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Anna Szabo

This organ jewellery is made form high performance concrete. The concrete pendants have a magnetic clasp and are shaped liked stylized human organs. Made by Ivanka Concrete.

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Lauren Kalman

  These gilded orifices are the work of artist Lauren Kalman as part of her 2006 Hard Wear series; ‘she investigates perspectives of beauty, body image, value, and consumer culture’ Images from … Continue reading

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Anatomical Heart Pendants

  I’m always on the look out for nice new ideas for heart pendants. We’ve featured quite a few ‘locket’ style hearts, so here’s a couple of my new favourite … Continue reading

September 5, 2012 · 1 Comment

Vladi Rapaport

This leather Brain Ottoman is part of the vanitas collection (includes the infamous skull chair) by Vladi Rapaport. Think of all the loose change you’d loose down those creases!

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Fiona Roberts

Fiona’s work is heavily inspired by “the challenges we face by inhabiting a body that is constantly changing, decaying and regenerating”. Images from top: Scopophilia (velvet chair with plastic eyeballs) and Scopophilia detail, Autopsy … Continue reading

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Michal Tarka

This illustration ‘Void’ by Polish illustrator Michal Tarka probably comes as no surprise to you now that it’s my cup of tea! [found on Illustrations of Insides]

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Andrew Council

Bristol Street Artist Andrew council is a master at building an object or creature using industrial elements (such as a dinosaur made form cars). The above paintings are called Tank … Continue reading

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